Dock Square Garage Design Plans Not Accepted by BPDA

A proposal by Lenear Retail Properties to develop on the Dock Square Garage has been placed on hold by the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) basically because of its design, sending plans back to the drawing board.

The decision does not reflect the developer’s opportunity to re-submit new design plans that the BPDA can improve.

The original plans called for construction of approximately 22,000 square foot, seven-story vertical addition to the existing structure and to add approximately 30,000 square-feet of residential space to the lower level floors by a combination of horizontal expansion and conversion of the parking area.

The project as currently planned, will contain up to 250 multi-family (luxury) residential units and reduce the existing parking spaces to 650, some of which will be made available for occupants of the residential units planned for the development.

The garage will also be designed to accommodate valet services and mechanical lifts.

Reportedly, the developer is redesigning plans to meet the recommendations of the BPDA.

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