North End Sons and Daughters of Italy Forming

A movement is currently underway to return a local porch chapter of the North End Sons and Daughters of Italy in America, according to North End resident Luigi Natale who is spearheaded the endeavor along with Damien Paolo, John Pregmon and several other interested community residents.

Currently, the group is registering potential members, spreading the word and working with the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and the National Membership Commission to assist with the re-installment a North End Lodge.

Senator Joe Boncore, a member of the Winthrop Lodge is also working with local residents on what has to be done and how to form this once very active lodge that was very involved in the neighborhood and on a national level.

“It’s going to take a little time to finalize this project, but it’s already well on its way to potentially becoming a reality,” Pregmon told the Review. “The group is currently soliciting members by word-of-mouth, attending meetings and events, looking for a temporary meeting place and establishing communication modes.”

Once established, “The Lodge will elect officers, set up committees and create rules, regulations and policies,” Pregmon said.

“Membership fees include a one-time initiation fee with an annual membership fee of $50. The fee entitles members to all the benefits and discounts associated with national membership and also be used to provide scholarships, fund philanthropic efforts and enhance the North End community,” Natale said.

The first available sign-up was held at the National Night Out held in the Gassy. Others are being set up and additional information will become available online and, in the Review, respond to North [email protected]

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