Knights need to keep the community advised of Housing Project

Once the Knights of Columbus #1513 Ausonia Council managed to get full permission and a firm willing to create affordable housing on a positive track, they simply need to keep the community and elected officials advised of all the details in place for the development process.

If the project is a go, the Council needs to provide a construction start date and periodical updates right up to completion. This also involves traffic, construction activity and parking related to the project.

In addition, the Council needs to provide all the information pertaining to selection of tenants.

Since the Council announced their intentions to turn the facility into low-cost housing and a Council Headquarters in the building, there has been no negativity expressed relating to the proposal.

Let’s keep it this way by openly and continuously inviting the community of any and all changes or development information.

The Council’s plans are great and will be an improvement to the neighborhood.


Feasts are North End traditions

It’s that time of the year for religious processions and feasts in the North End.

These events draw thousands of visitors to the area, sometimes being a little problematic, mainly with younger people attending the festivities. However, for the most part the societies working with the City and police department have these activities under control, making these traditional events enjoyable and safe for all participants.

In addition, the City of Boston helps to plan and support the societies goals of keeping the tradition of these fees alive and well. These attractions also develop a lot of revenue to local businesses.

What would the North End be without feasts throughout the summer?


Mirabella Pool            the best place to be    during the summer

Once the summer came around, the most popular spot in the North End was the Mirabella Pool on Commercial Street.

Many residents and non-residents utilize the community pool to take in the sun, swim, relax and socialize with family, neighbors and friends.

The pool is open seven days a week barring inclement weather or unforeseeable developments.

Many pool related programs are available and there is a great snack facility on site about 100 yards away from the pool.


Review Cubs take it all

Finally, the Regional Review sponsored Cubs baseball team, has won the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Little League (Majors) 2018 Championship. They also caption the regular-season crown, losing only one game.

The community newspaper is proud of the Cubs effort throughout the season and congratulate all the players and coaches for a job well done.

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