Drug problems will never    go away

There seems to be no headway in the battle against the sale and use of illegal drugs in Boston.

Only smoke screen after smoke screen has been subjected to the general public with no conclusive results from the many prevention and care for programs which apparently do not work.

Cutting off the suppliers would make a huge difference. However, if they receive no jail time, it’s just a revolving door in the court system.

Without a real public outcry, nothing will change for the better. That’s a fact.

Tomasone a valuable asset to the community

Recognizing Robert “Ted” Tomasone at the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Opening Day ceremonies was a great way to honor him for the many things he has done and accomplished for the community for over 50 years or more.

Ted has always been in the forefront of caring for the area where he was born and raised. His commitment to the community has been valuable in every sense of the word.

Over the years, many people have made commitments to the North End and some still do but Ted is on top of the list.

Vote in the NEWNC election

North End/Waterfront residents should make an attempt to get to the Nazzaro Center on Saturday, May 19 from 10 AM to 2 PM to vote for candidates seeking election to become a member of North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) to serve a two-year term on the community Council.

NEWNC represents the community relating to issues, concerns, requests and recommends their decisions to City Hall.

            Take the time to get out and vote. It’s your community.

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