RUFF Forming Ambassador Team to Get Back to their Roots

Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) is forming and Ambassador Team, a multi—purpose program to get back to their roots, President Leslie Horn told the Review.

“With the new dog park, and finishing touches this spring, we want to bring the focus back to the community and neighborhood events,” she said.

RUFF will be planning cleanups, partnering with other community groups, educational and social events.

“We have had in outpouring of interest in this program. Some of the members thought we need more heads, new ideas and new help to the RUFF,” Horn noted. “Members bring great skills and ideas to the table.”

“I believe this program will also build the longevity life to RUFF,” she added. “Community groups are only as successful as the interest and participation in them.”

Horn said, “With fresh faces in new people with passion joining the team there will be a lot of growth and opportunities, while really increasing RUFF’s presence in the North End and further encourage responsible dog ownership.”

Building the new dog park took a lot of time, energy and focus on the Board members which meant the community non—profit organization, and plan neighborhood-based events like organizing senior programs, social media, web, and come up with new ideas.

“We want to make sure all of these things are priority, going into 2018,” the President said.

“RUFF has folks interested with experience in fundraising, social media, web, event planning and marketing,” Horn added. “That’s just what we’ve learned from our emails.”

RUFF believes that this new team will increase “pup” powers to help keep the organization active, fun and growing.

The day to day operations and management of RUFF and at the park will still be handled within just the RUFF Board. All new RUFF Ambassadors will be an extension of the RUFF Board with helping to educate, push for responsible dog ownership and keep a watchful eye on the park and in the streets.

RUFF was formed in 2013 out of the need to keep neighborhoods responsible and the North End streets clean. “We found great passion in this group and it was a lot of fun getting to know the neighborhood, building the park and caring for the North End. We hope this Ambassador program adds that sense of fun community for more dog owners,” Horn added.

            The next RUFF monthly meeting is Wednesday, April 18 in the Nazzaro Community Center at 7 PM.

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