North End Rehab and Help Care Center Addresses NSC

Edmond Cormier of the North End Rehabilitation and Health Care Center visited the North End/West End Service Center (NSC) to meet and answer questions about the facilities and the programs and services they provide.

Cormier gave a thorough overview of shots days versus long-term along with the activities and healthcare services at the facility.

The Center also brought a delicious meal of eggplant, pasta, salad and fruit which everyone enjoyed.

The Center plans to deliver additional presentations and lunch in the future.

The NSC recognized the following people from the Center for making the event possible: Sami Almadi, Administrator/Executive Director; Jennifer Raymond, Director of Physician Relations and Network Development.

            The NE/WE NSC and the North End Rehabilitation and Health Care Center look forward to deepening their collaboration to offer comprehensive services to seniors and other residents of the neighborhood.

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