Nazzaro Community Center College Scholarship Now Available

The Nazzaro center is pleased to announce its second Annual College Scholarship Program, through which we will be awarding   college scholarships to deserving youth who have made an impact on the North End/Waterfront community.


Applications are due back to the Nazzaro center on Monday April 2 by 5:00 p.m.


Applications can be obtained and returned in several ways

  • Received and/or submitted on-line just send a request for an application to
  •              [email protected]
  • Mailed out and/or mailed back

                       e-mail or call (617-635-5166) to request a mailing

  • Picked up and/or submitted in person at Nazzaro Center-30 N. Bennet St. Boston 02113


  • The applicant must be a Boston resident. Proof of residency may be required.
  • The applicant must have participated in programs at the Nazzaro Community Center.
  • The applicant must have been accepted at a college or university or is currently enrolled in a college or university. (Checks will be made out to the school)
  • The applicant must either be or have been involved in some sort of community service to the North End/Waterfront.
  • Siblings in the same household may all apply, but the total amount given to any one household will not exceed the maximum amount awarded to any one individual (to be determined but last year’s maximum was $7,000 and it should be at least that much this year).

If you have any questions, e-mail  or call the center and ask for Carl

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