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Lost Boston depicts demise of city structures

Lost Boston by Anthony M. Sammaro depicts a nostalgic journey back in time to visit some of the disappeared buildings and places in all their grandeur before the wrecking ball and decline set in.

From the 1870s up to the present day, 68 different losses are represented  in the book, including schools, churches, theaters, grand mansions, dockyards, racetracks, parks, stores, hotels, offices, and factories.

Organized chronologically starting with the earliest losses and ending with the latest, the book features much-loved institutions that failed to stand the test of time, along with old-fashioned hotels and sports facilities that were beyond updating or refurbishment.

Losses include Franklin Place, Boston City Hall, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Hancock House, Gleason’s Publishing Hall, Fort Hill, Franklin Street, Boston Coliseum, Boylston Market, Merchants Exchange, Haymarket Square, Boston Public Library, Horticultural Hall, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Revere House (Hotel), Huntington Avenue Grounds, Charlestown City Hall, Molasses Tank, Cyclorama, Readville Trotting Park and Race Track, East Boston Airport, Boston Latin School, East Boston Ferries, Braves Field, Massachusetts State Prison, Boston Opera House, Boston Aquarium, The Howard Athenaeum, and Dudley Street Station.

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