By Phil Orlandella

Sandwich Board regulations won’t work without enforcement

Once upon a time, the City of Boston implemented a sandwich board pilot program in the North End, that lasted about two-weeks and the boards were back in much more numbers.

The enforcement was terrible, needless to say.

Now the city wants to once again regulate these advertisement items on city sidewalks with rules, sizes and placement.

While the sidewalk boards are apparently bringing business to the retail stores and restaurants, they do pose a real problem for pedestrians, especially the handicapped, to navigate on sidewalks and at times they are forced to go on the street to get by.

Obviously, this is a dangerous public safety problem that could cause injuries.

When the pilot program was first introduced, many businesses opposed the restrictions, led by the Haymarket Business Association.

While they did agree to a pilot program, they asked for another meeting, before any permanent program was launched.

Businesses are claiming the sandwich boards help them generate additional customers, however, it has certainly become a public safety issue that needs to be corrected.

The business community will have to abide by the new regulations if passed by the City Council, but without enforcement, the sandwich boards will return sooner than later.

NEWNC member takes on fake monks

North End residents, like Tania Green, are just what the neighborhood needs, people who are willing to take the bull by the horns and take action relating to community issues, problems and needs.

As a member of the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC), Tania took on the challenge of removing fake monks soliciting in the Paul Revere Mall (Prado) Christopher Columbus Park, Hanover and Salem Streets.

Tania, an elected NEWNC board member, has clearly indicated a desire and willingness to help make the community a better place.

NEAD Family Fun Festival needs financial support

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) has changed the name of North End Family Pride Day two NEAD Family Fun Festival and is seeking donations to continue its weeklong free activities in August.

The event has been held for 28 years and has been a very successful community event that is enjoyed by participants of all ages.

This is a worthwhile community activity to support.

West End Library-a neighborhood Gem

At the annual meeting, Friends of the West End Library elected officials for the upcoming year.

This marks many years of the formation group, a coalition that sponsors a vast assortment of programs and provides items and day to day necessities that the library cannot fund.

The West End Library is a viable neighborhood facility that is very active in providing related needs to its users in many forms.

Having a good staff and volunteer board members makes the library educational and fun place to be. Their usual programming and special programs are always interesting, enjoyable and well-coordinated.

The West End Library is a gem in the neighborhood. It’s an important part of the community that has much to offer, and with input from volunteer elected board members things will continue to excel at the library.

The customary election of leadership for the coming year placed the following people on the Friends Board. President Barbara Haley, Secretary Likam Lie, Treasurer Stuart Deforest, Anne Barron and Ora Damon Board Members.

Membership is open to wall. Local residents should look into becoming a part of the Friends and the library.

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