Councilors LaMattina and Linehan Schedule Hearing Regarding Water Transportation

Boston City Councilors Salvatore LaMattina (District 1) and Bill Linehan (District 2) scheduled a hearing regarding water transportation in the City of Boston.  The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. in the Iannella Chambers on the 5th floor of Boston City Hall.

“From my home in East Boston, I can see the neighborhoods of South Boston, Charlestown, the North End and the Wharf District, but I can’t easily get there, “ Councilor LaMattina said.  “Developing a water transportation system in the Harbor will greatly benefit residents and visitors whether its aiding in a daily commute, opening up new areas of Boston to explore, or simply getting cars and buses off the streets, lowering pollution.”

“Sal and I have been pushing for water transportation for years with little luck. Now is the time to make it happen” said Linehan.

In response to a population boom that has seen 40,000 new residents in the City since 2011, development that has extended along Boston Harbor and into industrial areas of Boston neighborhoods and a growing need for alternative transportation methods to lower dependence on cars, the hearing will examine the various ways to utilize water transportation along Boston Harbor.

The hearing order invites representatives from BTD, MBTA, BPDA, Massport, BCEC and MassDOT, as well as all other interested parties to attend.

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