By Phil Orlandella


Senator Joe Boncore fits in well with the neighborhood

State Senator Joseph Boncore has fit in very well with the North End/Waterfront community since his election to the State House.

The Senator has attended many community events and neighborhood meetings on a regular basis and seems to have a good sense of what residents are striving for.

His positive attitude and knowledge of the needs of the community are outstanding and his actions have been right on target.

Senator Joe Boncore also has a terrific rapport with the other community elected officials, a relationship that works well for the neighborhood.

Terrific Season at Pool

Summer at the Mirabella Pool (North End Pool) has been a terrific season, especially when the weather was cooperative.

On a good hot day, the popular pool is filled from one end to the other with swimmers, sunbathers, families and friends enjoying themselves in the public pool, organized by the Nazzaro Community Center.

There are still some days left in the summer to enjoy the local pool.

The pool staff, as usual does a fantastic job.

Kids get a kick out of NEAA Soccer Program

For several years the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) has provided an educational and very active soccer program at Puopolo Park on Commercial Street.

The program usually enrolls close to 100 local kids ages 4 to 13 who appear to really enjoy playing and learning about the sport.

Like all NEAA programs, the soccer program is coordinated by volunteers.

Take the time to get your children involved with this outstanding program, that starts Saturday, September 17.

Joi Salon hosts fundraiser for NEAD

It’s always nice to see local businesses getting involved with raising funds for local non-profit organizations.

Joi Salon, 2 Atlantic Avenue, did just that, holding a “Joi of Summer” fundraiser for North End Against Drugs (NEAD) providing a wide-range of services for a donation that will be used for the association’s youth, family and teen programs.

The salon also provided numerous great prizes, light fare and refreshments for those that made donations.

            Joi Salon has done this several times.

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