Councilor LaMattina Calls for Hearing on Harbor Transportation

By Phil Orlandella

A public hearing has been called for by Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina to examine the various ways to utilize water transportation along Boston Harbor.

“Boston is undergoing its greatest development boom in its history,” the Councilor said. “The city’s population has grown 40,00 people in five years and is expected to continue to increase.”

He noted that “Development has extended along Boston Harbor into industrial areas of Boston’s neighborhoods which do not have a mode of transportation to unify and connect with each other.”

He added, “Boston Harbor is one of our greatest resources and is truly underutilized from a transportation perspective.”

Representatives from BID, MBTA, BRA, Massport, BCEC, MassDOT and other interested parties will be invited once a hearing date has been established.

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