Johnny “Shoes” Cammarata will be Missed

By Phil Orlandella

Life-long North End resident Johnny “Shoes” Cammarata will be missed by his family and many friends who will always remember him for his dedicated commitment to the neighborhood he loved and advocated for.

Outspoken, Johnny was a respected member of the community who helped to grow and maintain on a continuous basis, making the North End the best neighborhood in Boston.

“Johnny the Barber” or “The Mayor of the North End” as he was commonly called, was a terrific family man as well, and he was proud of all of them.

He was a kind, caring and funny giant of a man that never forgot his friends or his roots.

His barbershop on Hanover Street became a major place to meet and discuss everything from politics, sports, local endeavors and concerns. He was always the loudest but sincere.

Johnny wrote a column for the Regional Review many, many years ago called “The Razor’s Edge” in which he expressed his concerns for the community.

Johnny was a true man of the community and he will be missed.

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