Ordinance Bans Use and Sale of Synthetic Drugs in Boston

A new Boston law prohibiting the sale and use of synthetic marijuana is on the books.

Filed by City Councilor Frank Baker, passed by the City Council and signed by Mayor MartinĀ  Walsh the measure carries a $300 fine for every offense.

While the bill will not solve the city’s drug problem, it’s a good start by removing these extremely dangerous synthetic cannabinoids off the public market and holding those who continue to sell the product responsible for their actions.

The use of synthetic drugs can have serious side effects that can endanger the health and safety of individuals.

Currently there are too many illegal drugs used and sold in the city. It appears to be getting worse every day.

The ordinance will at least take away the legal sale of these drugs commonly known as “Spice” or “K2”.

City elected officials should be commended for banning this product in Boston where violence and public nuisance incidents have been reported as a result of synthetic marijuana use.

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