Crime Statistics Level in the North End

Part One Crime statistics remained the same during the month of June 2015 as they did during June 2014 according to a report issued by District A-1 Boston Police.

The only change was an additional increase from 1 to 2 in the category of aggravated assault.

A victim was pushed in front of a vehicle on Salem Street and taken to Mass General Hospital with neck and shoulder injuries. The vehicle did not stop. A suspect has been identified and police are setting up a hearing.

A man was jumped by four or five suspects who fled the scene. Two of the culprits have been identified. The case is still ongoing.

An Endicott Street apartment was robbed of electronics and $900 in cash.

A $900 bike was stolen on Hanover Street.

An iPod was stolen out of the back pocket of a victim on Hanover Street.

A wallet and bags of coins were stolen from a Henchmen Street apartment.

A vehicle was robbed on Richmond Street. The owner said he may have left the keys in the car or the door open.

Residents registered complaints relating to loud noise parties, valet parkers using residential spaces and a lot of noise near Bova’s Bakery which requested a detail but it was not filled by Boston Police.

Police advise residents that plans have already been established for the big college student movement coming September 1. More police will be in the area to help control the situation and if need be direct traffic.

            The next North End Public Safety meeting will be held on Thursday, September 3 at the Nazzaro Community Center at 6pm.

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