New West end Museum Board President just what the Doctor Ordered

The West End Museum has a new President of its Board of Directors, Dr. Susan Hanson who has vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in historic projects in seven states. She also held several positions at the Smithsonian Institution.

Dr. Hanson has 30 plus years of comprehensive experience in the historic field working with numerous museums and historic sites to develop strategic and interpretive plans which she aims to utilize to increase the museum’s public offerings, stabilize its finances and project more visibility throughout Metro Boston and New England.

She has been involved with the museum since she moved to Boston in 2013 working as a volunteer, Archivist and joined the Advisory Board in 2014 and immediately began contributing to the museum’s strategic plan.

Dr. Hanson holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Maryland/College Park.

Her long-term vision is for the museum to become a key institution in urban renewal interpretation and research inspired by the experience of the original West Enders.

The museum is Boston’s only neighborhood museum and Hanson is just what the doctor ordered to improve its status and attract more visitors to its site on Staniford Street.

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