Home Invasion Suspect Arrested after Shooting Himself in the Foot

A violent home invasion and armed robbery occurred on Endicott Street in Boston’s North End May 23 around midnight.

There were four men – one with a sawed-off shotgun and two with knives – according to police reports from a female victim who was staying with her boyfriend at the apartment. She reported that the men were looking for something in her boyfriend’s roommate’s room.

At one point during the robbery, the man with the gun fired accidentally toward the floor and shot himself in the foot.

The suspects found several large bags of marijuana in the apartment. Witnesses outside saw them speed off and reported the license plate to the police.

In the apartment, Boston Police found additional bags of marijuana, scales and drug paraphernalia along with a large safe that had been kicked open. The female victim said she did not know the roommate well and his door was usually padlocked.

Detectives identified the motor vehicle using the license plate number. After seeing the regional alert, a Somerville detective identified the suspect as familiar to him.

BPD detectives found a shooting victim at a Cambridge hospital being treated for the aforementioned foot injury and matching the suspect’s description.

Boston Police arrested 19-year old Nikolas Angelesco of Somerville for armed robbery, home invasion and kidnapping.

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