Dom Campochiaro was one of a kind

The passing of life-long North End resident Dom “Dom DiMaggio” Campocchiaro, commonly known as “Dom the Electrician” or “Coach Dom” had a devastating effect on his family, friends and the hundreds and hundreds of people he touched during his life.

For better then 50 years, Dom has been involved with all North End baseball programs, the sport that he loved to play and teach, something he did extremely well.

But, Dom was not all about baseball, as a long time President of the North End Athletic Association (NEAA), he helped developed many other sports activities in the neighborhood each year.

In addition, Dom was very active in many community related endeavors and always found the time to help out numerous other neighborhood organizations. He was truly a community activists that totally love the North End community.

Dom was one-of-a-kind person that had a heart of gold, a willingness to be a major part  of the community and a true friend to many, many people. No one has left more cleat imprints at the park then Dom.

While the baseball diamond at the Little League Park is named in honor of Dom, a plaque should be placed at one of the many parks in his memory.

Dom, take two strikes and hit to left. We’ll miss you.

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