Witnesses/911 Calls Will Help Resolve Unsolved Homicides

Unsolved homicides in Boston has certainly caught the eye of the general public and an outcry to resolve them can be heard throughout the City of Boston.

Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office needs witnesses to come forward or call 911 in order to arrest and prosecute the people responsible for these major crimes, many that are about ten years old.

Law enforcement agencies don’t want these crimes unsolved. The negative press they are receiving is overwhelming.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh is unfairly taking a bashing in the media, despite these murders not occurring on his watch.

Every law enforcement agency in the city is attempting to find a way to get the ball rolling to delete the backlog and develop programs and policies to do so.

More manpower, new technology and special groups have been suggested and this appears to be a good start.

However, 911 calls or witnesses coming forward will be responsible for cleaning up most of these cold cases and/or any future cases.

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