Does the North End Have Any Clout at City Hall

Now that the Mayor has declared decreasing North End household trash pickup days from three to two, it appears that a community request to have trash placement out on the sidewalks after 6am on the day of pickup is down the drain.

This idea had a lot of support from the community, a petition with over 800 signatures favoring the change. An obvious attempt to convey a message to City Hall but it fell on deaf ears.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina through the proper committee channels held a public hearing at City Hall to hear the neighborhood’s point of view. But it was only taken under advisement by the City Council and is probably Lost In Space.

Yet, the Mayor’s decision to take away a trash pickup day was adopted quickly without any public community meetings to speak of.

Does the North End have any say at City Hall. Apparently not.

Just recently, both NEWRA and NEWNC overwhelmingly voted against Goody Glover’s extending its closing hour to 2am but once again no one at City Hall was listening.

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