North End Chamber Very Active

Very active is the current way to describe the North End Chamber of Commerce which was established in 2005.

The mission of the Chamber is to support business activities of its members and to expand the economic vitality of the neighborhood, as well as business growth in the community.

Known as Boston’s “Little Italy” the North End attracts many tourists, visitors and shoppers each year. The Old North Church has about 500,000 visitors each year and there are other historic sites that draw thousands of other people.

The Chamber seeks to promote the North End business economy while being respectful of the rich heritage, historic and cultural atmosphere within the neighborhood.

Business investment and job creation is encouraged by the Chamber while working with local residents, city and state officials to maintain a harmonious balance between business activity and residential lifestyle which fosters community pride and identity.

Last spring, the Chamber held a very successful neighborhood cleanup working with the city. They have made several donations to neighborhood nonprofit agencies and recently made a sizable donation to the annual Taste of the North End bash held at the Sterite Memorial Skating Rink on Commercial Street.

The Chamber is striving to inform as many people as possible that the North End is America’s most beloved neighborhood and the greatest place to live, work, visit, dine, shop and be a part of the history in Boston’s Little Italy.

It’s extremely important that residents, elected officials and the business community work hand and hand to preserve what the North End still has to offer.

For a positive relationship, both residents and business owners need to remove that invisible shield that separates them and begin trusting each other.

It won’t be an easy task but it’s highly doable.

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