Crime Rate Remains Down

Shown (l to r) Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Ted Boyle.

Shown (l to r) Captain Thomas Lee, Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Ted Boyle.

City of Boston District A-1 Police reports indicate that the crime rate in the North End is down for the fifth consecutive month.

Commanding Officer Captain Thomas Lee reported that the North End once again has the lowest percentage of part one crimes than any other neighborhood throughout Boston.

There were no reports of homicides, aggravated assaults, disorderly or graffiti over the past thirty days.

One sexual assault was reported. Following an investigation the incident was not a sexual assault. Robberies went down from 2 to 1. Two people were arrested relating to an incident on Richmond Street. Breaking and entering stayed level at 1, auto theft dropped from 6 to 1 and larceny from a motor vehicle went down from 6 to 1.

The only category that climbed was larceny going from 2 to 4. Two involved stolen bicycles and the other two were stolen license plates.

Police issued 320 parking tickets and wrote 91 motor vehicle violations during the same time period.

Residents did express a complaint relating to a disturbance on Charter and Henchman Streets. They told the police that three calls were made on an incident that occurred on a Sunday morning about 2:30am involving an extremely loud argument between people on the street and a resident looking out a window.

One resident said the police showed up the first time and didn’t even get out of their vehicle. Reportedly, they did the same the second time they responded and did not respond to the third call.

Captain Lee said the police will investigate why police did not get out of their car and what police actually did.

The next Public Safety Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, August 1 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center. No July meeting will be held.

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