Thirty-two Housing Units Supported by NEWRA

Sarah Barnat project manager for One Canal Street

Michele Holdings LLC by a slim vote of 15-13 received support from the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association to create 32 units of housing in four different buildings in the North End.

The site includes: 55 Cooper Street, 57-59 Cooper Street and 45-51 North Washington Street, formerly Joe Tecce’s Restaurant.

Space will be made for retail business on the North Washington Street site, much smaller than the restaurant that was there.

Holdings at the request of residents have cleared the Cooper Street site of dumpsters and the site could be used for valet parking if a restaurant moves back into the retail spaces.

The developer told residents that household trash removal will be the same as the regular pick-up system in the North End. Residents will place trash out on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Occupancy permits will require owners to remove snow from in front of their property creating passage for pedestrians especially handicap access.

All buildings need to obtain zoning relief from the City of Boston Zoning Board, a hearing is scheduled for January 24.

The property owners were represented by North End Attorney Daniel Toscano.

NEWRA plans to send a letter to the City clearly not supporting or denying a proposal by the Paul Revere Memorial Association’s plans to expand the property at 5-6 Lathrop Place.

Three appeals are necessary to implement the remaining project plans to convert the residential building to a museum related use and construction related improvements. Representatives were not at the NEWRA meeting.

Robert Richmond the owner of 9 Noyes Place has not contacted NEWRA to discuss his filing of an appeal for zoning relief with NEWRA for a review of his appeal. The owner is seeking a variance to convert basement space into an apartment.

NEWRA plans to send a letter to the Board of Appeal noting that the building owner has not sought community review and that the December 14 hearing should be deferred until such time as the community has an opportunity to provide input.

The letter will also raise specific general concerns NEWRA members have brought up with other conversions of basement property to residential use.

The president’s report, Clean Street, Parks and Open Spaces and the Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committees updates were presented at the monthly meeting.

Although they have tried many times to secure a supermarket for the development plan for One Canal Street Project in the Bulfinch Triangle, Trinity Financial, Inc. has yet to produce what the community was told would happen.

Trinity has attempted to secure a company to place the supermarket on the second floor to no avail and has created 22,000 square feet on the North Margin Street side of the complex to hopefully secure a company that will be interested in providing a supermarket on the first floor.

Project manager Sarah Barnat told residents that the firm is still working hard to get a supermarket on site but if that doesn’t occur they will entertain bids from other retailers.

The $175 million dollar project will also comprise of 320 residential units and 149 parking spaces. All deliveries will be made at the rear loading docks.

The development is bound by Canal Street, Valenti Way, Beverly Street, North Washington Street and New Chardon Street.

The Supermarket Committee made up of residents from the North End/Waterfront area, Beacon Hill and the West End were adamant that a supermarket will go in the project.

Reportedly the Mayor has instructed the Boston Redevelopment Authority to intervene to make a supermarket available to the community.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, January 12 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

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