NEAA Showcases Players in All Star Game

One of the North End Athletic Association’s special events is their annual Majors (Little League) Baseball All Star Game which was recently played at Langone Park on Commercial Street.

The game attracted a good turnout but a downpour of rain cut the game short of the scheduled nine inning contest.

This year, as it was done in the past, each team was named for two people who contributed to the success of the Little League over the years, the late Robert “Bobby” DeCristoforo and longtime NEAA supporter Mikey “Fud” Giannasoli who along with Debbie DeCristoforo tossed out the tradition first pitch.

The game showcases the best of the 2011 league and recognizes them with awards presented to each all star selected and a few individual awards like Most Valuable Player from both teams.

The game is also played in Memorial of Anthony Caggianelli who participated in NEAA programs.

In order to run the All Star Game with a free barbecue, trophies and other costs the NEAA received support from: Senator Anthony Petruccelli; Representative Aaron Michlewitz; City Councilor Sal LaMattina; Terrance Kennedy, Governor’s Council 6th District; Phil and Mary Orlandella; City Shopper, Inc.; Hanover Street News-Jennifer and Michael Pittore; Bill Owens; Vincent Sablone; Dick Runci; Noelle Dye and Mark Swab; Karen and Omar Eton; Mike and Diane Szulc and The Miller Family.

Thirty-two players were selected to participate in the 2011 game.

Mikey “Fud” Giannasoli All Stars: Thomas Marchi, John Pezzuto, Owen Locke, Nate Wolf, Ariyand Aminpour, Bayard Eton, Fernando Soto, Colman Shea, Ethan Harris, Paul Szulc, Vinny Coppola, Nick Miller, Michael Leavitt, Domenic DiCenso and Evan Frechette. Coaches: John Pezzuto and Dan Shea.

Robert “Bobby D” DeCristoforo All Stars: Tim Martin, Lorenzo Pantaleo, Ellie Gozigian, Ryan Santoro, Isabella DelPeschio, Jordyn Amoroso, Anthony Ruzzo, Michael Pittore, Chris Troiano, Jase Cherchi, Nick Shea, Zach Taieb, Megan Leavitt, Victoria DiCenso, Andrew Olivo and Alex Miller. Coacher: Paul Luongo and Al Vilar.

The Bob DeCristoforo All Stars won the game 8-5.

The two MVP players of the game were Paul Szulc and Zach Tieb. The defensive player of the game was Bayard Eton.

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