Neighborhood sees a Slight Increase in Crime

-By Phil Orlandella

Crime in the North End/Waterfront community was up slightly over the past year and over the last 30 days.

North End resident Matt Conti documents the meeting.

Reportedly, the increase during both timeframes were due to a period where a wave of break-ins were occurring more frequently. However, no major crimes, like homicides, sexual assaults or deaths occurred.

December statistics show one aggravated assault on Cross Street. One breaking and entering on Hanover Street. Four auto thefts, two on Hanover Street and one each on Commercial Street and Salem Street. Two vehicles were recovered. Seven larcenies from motor vehicles on Hanover, Thacher, Snow Hill, North, Sheafe, Hull and Salem Streets.

Police towed eight vehicles, handed out sixty-five motor vehicle violations and issued 194 parking violations.

Two arrest were made, one for shop lifting on Hanover Street and the other a domestic violence incident on Endicott Street.

Some residents that attended the meeting.

The increase in crime was measured at three percent.

On December 18 police responded to a loud party on North Bennet Street that involved thirty people at the owners apartment.

Complaints were down drastically during the past seventeen days as the holiday school break took place.

Of the last eight loud noise parties police responded to seven of them involving young professionals.

Captain Bernard O'Rourke and colleagues

Captain Bernard O’Rourke told residents that Boston Police will once againblanket the neighborhood with flyers regarding receiving or purchasing stolen items. Clubs and businesses will be targeted.

One resident told police that a person on Prince Street has been spotted with a Rottweiler on the street without a muzzle and sometimes with no leash. Despite being approached, the pet owner continues to break the law. Captain O’Rourke said, “Police will act on this immediately.”

Residents at the NEWNC Public Safety meeting appeared to be pleased with the actions taken in the neighborhood to reduce crime by Boston Police. They were also pleased that there was a monthly meeting on public safety held locally.

One of those residents, Matt Conti said, “It’s very helpful when the A-1 police come to talk at these public meetings. Captain O’Rourke, Sergeant Lema and Officer Boyle are great in talking to residents and following up on issues. I think it makes the neighborhood safer when the community works together with the police.”

Sergeant Tom Lema and Officer Ted Boyle also attended the community meeting.

The next NEWNC Public Safety meeting will be held on Thursday, February 3 at 6:30pm at the Nazzaro Community Center.

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