NEWRA Takes Action on Three Requests

Three agenda items were voted on at the September 8 North End/Waterfront Resident’s Association (NEWRA) monthly public meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

NEWRA opposed a request by Ryan Meadows’ revised plan involving replacement of the attic with a full third floor and partial fourth floor with steps out to the roof deck. Proposed building height of 46 feet at 47-48 Snow Hill Street. Vote was 18 opposed-3 in favor 1 abstention.

The community group supported a request by Jennifer and Stephen Badolate to construct a two-story addition over a one-story lower portion of the building located at 22 Hanover Avenue. The vote was 14 in support and 2 opposed. Building will remain a single-family residence.

NEWRA deferred for more community input, a request by North LLC owner Sal Lupoli to convert the former Traffic Tunnel Administration Building fronting on Cross Street to a single-family residence with parking at 128-134 N. Street.

The proposal was presented at a recent Boston Neighborhood Services abutters meeting.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, October 13 at 6 PM.

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