Community Meeting Held for Cutillo Park Choices

Friends of Cutillo Park and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department discussed design review possibilities of the public area located between Morton and Stillman Streets in the North End.

“Three meetings have been held thus far,” City Hall North End Liaison John Romano Jr. told the Review.

“The Parks Department based on community input, will develop a construction plan and once again will meet with the neighborhood residents to present the tentative results for final approval,” Romano noted.

One of the differences in plans for the rehab of the public park was should the basketball court be half or full-court.

Reportedly, some residents believe half court would open up additional space in the children’s area and other areas of activities.

Cutillo Park has a history of drug use and sales, especially on warm weather nights.

Residents believe that with proper lighting, more police patrols and community activity the problem will go away.

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