Aaron Michlewitz Named NSC Hero

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz at a recent ABCD Community Heroes Celebration was honored for his outstanding support and efforts to make a difference in the lives of the most of vulnerable people in his district.

The local Neighborhood Service Center, 1 Michelangelo Street nominated Rep. Michlewitz as their Hero.

“As an elected official it is my duty to serve my constituents and help them with any services they may need,” Michlewitz said.

“Having ABCD as a partner helps me to properly serve my district efficiently and effectively,” he added. “ABCD goes above and beyond for the citizens of Boston.”

Rep. Michlewitz has been an outstanding friend of ABCD and the local Neighborhood Service Center since 2005, as a legislative aide to Speaker Sal DiMasi and since his election to the State Legislature in 2009.

A North End resident, Rep. Michlewitz is well recognized by seniors and other residents for his outstanding services to the neighborhood.

“He has personally assisted neighbors with keeping the community clean and safe,” according to NSC.

A regular at NSC events Michlewitz advocates for the neighborhood through donations of buses for field trips, turkeys and gift cards for the holidays,” NSC noted. “He continues to support monthly senior events at the Center.”

Rep. Michlewitz remains closely involved with senior issues and needs.

He is a Committee member for the NSC annual Buona Sera dinner and the Chairperson for the North End Nursing Home that tackled the battle to keep the Nursing Home in the neighborhood.

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