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Williams Named      Deputy Director

Dominique A. Williams has been appointed by Mayor Martin Walsh as Deputy Director of the Office of Housing Stability.

“Housing policy is about much more than creating new units of housing,” the Mayor said.

He noted, “I’m confident that Dominique has the skills and energy to not only continue the good work of this office but also to further expand and improve the services we offer.”

Way Home Fund    Receives $3 Million

Partners Health Care, Suffolk, and Liberty Mutual have given a million each to the Boston’s Way Home Fund to help Mayor Martin Walsh’s effort to ending chronic homelessness in the city.

“We are committed to making sure that every person has a place to call their home and build a better life,” Mayor Walsh said. “The Boston’s Way Home Fund will do just that,” he added.

Amendment Changes Sentence in Animal Abuse Ages

The Senate approved an amendment to strike a section of the bill that allows adult criminal sentences for animal cruelty to be applied to juveniles ages 14 to 17.

Supporters of the amendment claim the bill gives prosecutors some flexibility in how to change a youth that abuses an animal.

BPS Passes FY 19 Budget

The proposed Boston Fiscal Year 2019 will include a new $2.4 million investment that will fund 8 additional nurses and 12 additional psychologists and social workers for Boston students.

The Boston School Committee passed the FY 19 budget unanimously.

“Providing students with resources to help foster their physical, emotional and mental health goes a long way putting them and keeping them on a path to success,” Mayor Martin Walsh said.


Building on his commitment to create a safer, more equitable transportation future for Boston, Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced a $5 million annual investment included in the City’s recommended Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) operating budget and capital plan aimed at upgrading transportation infrastructure to benefit all modes of travel. The investments will contribute to the ongoing implementation of the 58 projects and policies identified in Go Boston 2030, the City of Boston’s long term transportation plan unveiled in 2017. These proposed investments complement the transportation investments in the full operating budget and capital plan.

Boston’s Initiatives Gains Growth

As the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced new initiatives and gains in the growth of the city’s innervated economy, while highlighting the city’s work in reducing inequality.

“Boston will be at its best when all residents have the support and opportunity they need to thrive,” Mayor Walsh said.

Boston’s citywide plan aims to guide the city’s growth to support the economy and expand opportunities for all residents.

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