More Involvement by North End Businesses Would Result in Cleaner Streets

The North End business community should put together a neighborhood street cleaning crew, especially on Hanover and Salem Streets, where most of the clutter usually piles up during June, July and August.

Hiring two or three local high school students for three or five days a week to get the job accomplished and provide jobs locally.

There is lots of money being made by North End businesses that are considered responsible for the neighborhood’s not so clean streets and sidewalks.

Hiring some teens to do the job will make a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

While the businesses are picking up the green stuff, the North End is left with the black and brown stuff all over the neighborhood and it appears that the situation will continue to go on and on, unless the business community gets involved.

Making money in the neighborhood is terrific but being a part of the community in other ways is just as important.

File this suggestion under: What!

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