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Dodgers played well this year

Dear Editor.

I just wanted to thank the players, parents and coaches who gave so much of themselves and their summers to help our Dodgers have such a fun and successful season. Our 21s and 19s both finished in first place and despite falling in the semi-finals still gave us a summer of tremendous baseball. Whether it was watching the artistry of Theriault, Colbert, K.Martin or Gennari on the hill or the power of DiCenso, LaVallee, Bono or Murray at the dish or the athleticism of Pantaleo, Reynolds, Tansino, T.Martin, Pagliuca or Bessler in the field or on the base paths or the smoothness  of Galligani behind the plate these players were awesome to watch and coach. With no one aging out this year the future is bright as all of them are eligible to return.

The 16 year old have also given us some tremendous baseball to watch. Who can forget the complete dismantling of the Astros led by Mallard’s 15 Ks? Or how about that tournament in Virginia where we were solicited to send players because our team had top talent. Yes the 16s are loaded and their story has not yet been written. I expect with DiCenso, Mallard, Gallagher, Sergenien, Ingrando and Pagliuca leading the way this team is headed for a strong finish.

The 15 year olds gave us 4 great games against North Adams. The final scores were 4-1, 3-2, 3-2, 6-3. Four games with 24 total runs.

Great pitching on both sides and very few walks. Mike Sullivan, Teto Santaniello and Joe Bova led the way for that group.

The 14 year olds played hard all year. We started off undermanned like every year due to AAU and other commitments but when we had our full team on the field we could compete with anybody. Led by Bova, Gallagher, Jalbert, Conway, Lemole and Mendoza that team got stronger as the year wore on. With these future stars in the making our program is in good hands for at least another 7 years. We are also hopeful to get Seaver back from his injury next season.

So thank you to all for a great season. Enjoy the rest of your summer, do well in school and we will see you back on the field in May.


Ralph Martignetti


Dog Park damage occurring

Dear Editor,

RUFF wanted to send a quick note in regards to the park during August weekends. We know there was some damage and littering in the dog park over this last weekend. Thank you to all the members who contacted us and helped out. We want to assure our members the auto locks do work – they are set to lock at 9:30pm. If someone is in the park they can still get out/open the door. If you are the last one to leave it is very important that you close the door tight behind you.

Unfortunately some teens may have also accessed the park before 9:30pm thus causing the damage.

With construction around the corner we can’t risk further damage in the park. The RUFF board will be pad locking the dog park gates for the next 3 weekends. If we have the manpower to open for day time we will but ask for your understanding during this time. If at any time you see something going on in the dog park that is not safe/or proper we ask you to contact the Boston Police or report it through 311.

Many thanks!

The RUFF Team


The right choice

Dear Editor,

Election season is in full swing and as always, the North End is alive and well, participating in the campaigns for Boston City Councilor District 1.

I am writing this letter to show support for Stephen Passacantilli, candidate for District 1 City councilor. I have known Stephen all his life; a true North End Resident, all for the neighborhood. I got to know Stephen even better being on the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC). He was a great asset to the council and stepping down was a great lost to us.

Anytime you approach Stephen with a problem he will TAKE the time to listen to you, express his opinion and whatever it is that you asked him he will put himself out to help you. He reminds me a lot of his late grandfather City Councilor Fred Langone and his uncle Joseph Langone III, former Representative and Gov. Councilor, just two wonderful guys. No matter what you asked them they were always there for you and you never have to remind them. I remember them both as a little girl growing up and I will never ever forget those two men and what they did for the North End people.

Stephen has a way of talking to people. I admire his approach to a situation. I am voting for him, not because he is a lifelong resident of the North End but I feel he deserves a chance to prove himself as Boston City Councilor and be known as Stephen Passacantilli as an independent voice. I know Stephen stands on his own two feet, he has become his own person; the man that does what he THINKS is best and I am very proud to know him.

Stephen has done a great job in the past for the North End with his involvement with local charities, community organizations, North End against Drugs (NEAD) and the Beautification Committee.

He is all for the seniors to protect them from being displaced from their homes, increasing cultural programming for seniors, and also to ensure that all parks and open spaces are safe, accessible and walkable for seniors. Born and raised in the North End he knows the concerns that the residents have and he will be there for them. He will improve the quality of life for the residents. It can be done as long as there is a united community led by an effective, unselfish leader who himself is in love with this precious neighborhood.  He is the RIGHT CHOICE for District 1 Boston City Councilor.

Stephen you are doing a great job, your heart is in the right place for the North End and for all the people especially the seniors. I have to believe in my heart the North End Residents are 100 percent behind you for this coming election Tuesday September 26th

I KNOW YOU WILL DO A GREAT JOB AND MAKE THE NORTH END RESIDENTS PROUD OF YOU.  I can’t forget to mention East Boston and Charlestown, the other neighborhoods which Stephen will represent 100%.


Marie C. Simboli

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