Low Turnout for the North End Construction Update Meeting

By Phil Orlandella

The City of Boston North End Construction Update meeting held in the gymnasium of the Nazzaro Community Center didn’t generate very much attention of local residents.

It did however, have a wide range of information with many people available to answer questions relating to most of the construction taking place in the neighborhood.

At several community meetings, residents have expressed the city has not communicated with them on construction and development taking place, basically all over the community.

Projects available for discussion included: Connect Boston Volume 2 North End, construction began June 1, 2015 and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017.

Community meetings were held 11/20/13, 12/9/13 and 11/28/14. A public hearing was held 2/26/14.

North Square streetscape improvements, construction to begin fall of 2017. Tentative end date fall of 2018. Community meetings were held on 11/19/14, 9/17/15 and 8/18/16.

Replacement of centuries-old water and sewer mains. Summer 2017 construction season. Many neighborhood meetings were held.

North End roadway and sidewalk improvements. 2017 construction season. Community meetings held.

Elliott School, 585 Commercial Street expansion plan. Part 1 completed early 2017. Part 2 summer 2017 two summer 2019. Community meetings held.

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