By Phil Orlandella

Mayor has much more experience and know-how than opponents

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh has done an admirable job relating to the North End/Waterfront community in general.

Like all the other neighborhoods throughout Boston, the North End/Waterfront has its needs, issues and problems that the residents want resolved. But it’s a large city and things that need to be done do not happen as quickly as people want and expect.

In many ways, the community has benefited from the City’s top elected official and if Mayor Walsh is re-elected there will be more in the near future.

It is extremely important that the city continues to grow economically and retain the financial stability to meet the needs of their communities.

Having a thriving city budget makes things happen in a positive perspective which means more funding for neighborhoods. The Mayor is moving in this direction.

Mayor Walsh has the necessary city and state experience, giving him a decisive edge over his opponents.

At-Large Boston City Councilor George deserves community’s vote

There is no question the most visible and active At-Large Boston City Councilor in the North End/Waterfront neighborhood has been Annissa Essaili George.

She has and continues to make herself available, along with her staff, to assist the community with their concerns, issues and endeavors at the drop of a hat.

The Councilor has attended many neighborhood meetings expressing her open-door policy and willingness to serve the community.

She has clearly shown her interest relating to the neighborhood and deserves to be re-elected as an At-Large Boston City Councilor.

Neighborhood must get more involved in NEWNC elections

Each year, the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) election is drawing fewer and fewer candidates to serve on the community board.

While NEWNC puts an honest effort to attract more residents to run for a two-year term, there doesn’t seem to be any real interest in becoming members. This reflects the real population change in the neighborhood.

NEWNC is a viable volunteer neighborhood organization that represents the community. It’s made up of twelve members that meet monthly.

NEWNC’s last election had six candidates competing for six seats, creating a no contest election. Bummer.

Currently, there are many projects and developments occurring in the neighborhood and more, much more to come.

Resident input is so important to help stabilize the growth of the neighborhood within reason.

Hopefully, next year the NEWNC community election will draw more candidates? Competition makes a better community group that is elected, not automatically seated on the Board.

It’s all in the Baseball Family

Since its inception, the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Baseball Program has never had four members of the same family coaching at the same time on four different teams. That is until now.

Most likely, anyone playing baseball in the NEAA during the 2017 season is playing for a member of the Martignetti family.

Baseball Commissioner Ralph is managing the Major League Cardinals and the 21 and under traveling team, the Dodgers. Ralph’s wife Janine coaches the Minor League Cardinals.

Two sons are also coaching. Ricky, Minor League Cubs and the 19 and under traveling team, the Dodgers and Michael is coaching Major League Indians and the 14 and under Dodgers traveling Team.

Daughter Trinity would probably be coaching but she’s playing for the Minor League Cardinals.

A true baseball family, the Martignettis.

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