Race to Fill District 1 Council Seat Draws Several Candidates

By Phil Orlandella

Before the ink could dry, following Councilor Sal LaMattina’s decision that he would not seek re-election, four candidates announced their intentions to seek the office held by the 11-year veteran.

District 1 includes the North End/Waterfront, Charlestown, and East Boston, has held the seat for many years.

Already Eastie has two possible candidates, the North End has one and Charlestown has one. Other candidates could enter the race.

LaMattina’s Chief of Staff Michael Sinatra (Eastie), Mayor Walsh’s Head of the Office of Housing Stability Lydia Edwards (Eastie), Stephen Passacantilli Operations Specialist in Economic Development (North End) and Jack Kelly a local Entrepreneur and former Staff Person of Councilor Bill Linehan (Charlestown) couldbe running in the Primary Election.

The top two vote getters will go head to head in the finals to replace LaMattina.

Other possible candidates Margaret Farmer and Jason Ruggiero of Eastie and James Lister of Charlestown.

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