Boston Community Collaborative Students Perform “Greece”

By Becca Griffith

Boston Community Collaborative (BCC) students participated in the production of “Greece” on stage at Saint John School.

BCC combined all of its dance and drama students from the school and the North End for the season ending performance. (January through March)

The original production was written, directed and choreographed by Ingrid Oslund who has an impressive resume of all things theatre.

Ingrid has worked with North End children for the past five plus years and teaches artists in the Boston area.

The play was performed in four parts which students ages 3-6 as muses in Part One.

Part 2 students play Greek Gods and Goddesses showing a slice of daily life on a mod in day Mount Olympus.

Part 3 saw some of the veteran students that wrote their own adaptation of “The Iliad” that explored the relationship between Aphrodite and Helen of Troy.

Part 4 brought three stories from Homer’s “The Odyssey” to life.

Each one of these pieces was carefully selected in order to explore element of how theatre was done in ancient Greece.

Performers had the opportunity to explore comic structure modeled after the Greek model of a traditional Greek comedy and to embrace a well-rounded dance experience in a variety of styles.

Boston Community Collaborative was incorporated in 2013 as a means to connect people, and enrich lives. BCC offers courses in drama, dance, fitness and engineering for kids in the North End, and a Movers and Shakers music and movement class for babies and toddlers at the West End Community Center.

            BCC also hosts a number of community events such as summertime North End Movie Nights, an annual Halloween Party for adults, an annual spring time Egg Hunt, and a number of theatrical productions.

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