Veterans Should Not Be Ignored for Any Reason

Veterans Assisting Veterans, an advocacy group, have slammed Massachusetts Democrats on National TV for supporting illegal immigrants while veterans are still in dire need of critical services.

An open letter to the Herald sparked the advocacy group to speak out for veterans needs of all kinds.

The letter singled out: US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, US Representative Michael Capuano, Seth Moulton and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh for failing to speak out about veteran’s homelessness and healthcare problems while consistently addressing the needs of illegal immigrants.

They blasted the “Selfish blatant ignorance of the public officials that have chosen illegal immigrants over US veterans”.

Providing for veterans should be a top priority on the Country’s list of things that need to be done without making the issue a this or them debate.

Making life a little easier for those who served this country is the direction that should be taken.

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