By Phil Orlandella

Pot holes need to be repaired immediately

While the state has a legal law to purchase pot conditionally, the Commonwealth and cities and towns have an obligation to repair potholes and there are plenty of those on the streets and highway roads.

It appears it will take potluck to get most of these potholes fixed in a timely fashion. These indentations, sometimes small craters, can create damage to vehicles or even pedestrians.

There is no need for these conditions to exist if the cities and state get off the pot and get the job done.

White House snub not called for

Some of the Champion Super Bowl LI players boycotted a visit to the White House to be recognized for the unbelievable comeback victory on a national level because they apparently don’t like the President of the United States or some of his policies was really not the right thing to do.

The tradition is to recognize an organization and a football team on the accomplishments that was viewed worldwide.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s comments supporting the move to avoid the White House was also not called for… Oh yes, this is an election year.

Congratulations to the players, coaches and management for putting their personal opinions aside and accepted the White House offer for what it was, a tribute.

Residents cast a shadow on potential law change

Changing the Shadow Law to accommodate one development only, is not a good idea, and it could cause a chain-re-action that will not be reversible.

Such a change would set a precedent in future developments throughout the city and state.

The developers could re-shape their potential plans and requests based on this type of change in the law and take court action if refused.

How can a law be changed for one developer and then revert back to the original Shadow Law closing the doors on other requests that included plans that violated this law?

Many residents are casting a shadow on this potential change of the law.

Will this actually take place? Only the Shadow Knows!

Debris is deepening in the North End

Take a good look at the North End streets and sidewalks. What a total mass of debris.

A tidal wave of trash in every way, shape and form looks horrendous and became an outdoor diner for rodents and possibly a health risk.

The business community and residents have not (what else is new) taken any interest (to speak of) to help in any way, shape or form to clean up in front of their homes or establishments.

It’s easier to complain rather than spend ten minutes doing a little cleanup to help keep the neighborhood somewhat cleaner.

Claiming that it’s the city’s job, what do we pay taxes for is only a distraction not to do it as part of a community, themselves.

A little help can without question make the neighborhood much cleaner. Given, some people do cleanup the neighborhood but you can count them on probably one hand.

While the city has the responsibility to keep the neighborhood clean, residents and the business community need to play a role in helping to keep the community as clean as possible.

            Usually, the debris is covered by snow hiding the trash. If you can’t see it, it’s not there and no action needs to be taken.

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