Greenway Celebrates 8th Successful Year

By Phil Orlandella

On February 23, 2009, the Greenway Conservancy began maintaining and programming.

The well-used and very popular open space celebrated its eighth anniversary with staff, friends and uses under spring like conditions.

Over the years, the Conservancy has provided many activities, events for the public to enjoy, like children’s programs, a play area, exercise classes, an ambassador’s program to assist visitors, a drop-in building program, snow day activities, a carousel and much more.

The Greenway also attracts visitors to the neighborhood for a great view of Boston Harbor, picnics and other family gatherings, sunbathing, a place to sit and read the paper and discuss current or past issues with friends and neighbors, walking and/or running opportunities.

Recently, the Boston Society of Architects joined Greenway Play for a drop-in building challenge: Winter Shelter activity where young designers use the park’s natural materials to build their own mini-kits to build their own designs.

The Conservancy is accepting applications for the 2017 Play Ambassadors and Arts Ambassadors.

They are also accepting Request for Proposals for the exercise programs including fitness classes, instructors, biergarten and operators.

Last year, The Greenway introduced a new Play Program in the parks which included youth adventure day, GreenPLAY, open play sessions and visits from local school groups that attracted over 5,000 kids and adults.

            This year’s Greenway Gala will be held on Thursday, June 8 at 6 PM under the stars on The Greenway, and recognizes gala honoree Citizens Bank for its leadership, support and the Park Rangers Program.

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