Non-Residents Invading Boston School System

Boston-at-Large City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George is speaking out regarding the enforcement of the School Residency policy for the city.

She believes work still has to be done to make sure only Boston residents are reaping the benefits of Boston taxes and programs.

The Review can’t agree more with the Councilor on her assessment of the unlawful situation that has fallen off the table with apparently very little investigation and enforcement of the policy that were laid out last year.

The policy was created to make sure Boston residents have seats in the school system, not non-residents who are apparently using false addresses.

“This is a theft of services that happens district-wide and is happening at the same time that some of our families are on wait list for those same schools,” the Councilor has clearly expressed at City Hall and at neighborhood meetings.

There is only one investigator in a city that has 57,000 students. That’s the reason why incredibly savvy parents get their kids in the school system.

Councilor George says, “It needs to be fixed.” We agreed but without enforcement of the policy, what good is it.

Collectively, the agencies that make the rules need to take some sort of action to correct the system that has this non-residents flaw.

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