NEAA Major League Coaches Announced

North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Baseball Commissioner Ralph Martignetti has announced the coaches for the 2017 Major League teams (Little League)

Majors Age 10-12 as of 4/30/2016

Indians Head Coach Michael Martignetti, [email protected]

Indians Assistant John Pregmon, [email protected]

Indians Assistant Brendan Graf, [email protected]

Cardinals Head Coach Ralph Martignetti, [email protected]

Cardinals Assistant Vincent Sablone, [email protected]

Cardinals Assistant Greg Everett, [email protected]

Cubs Head Coach Joe Bova, [email protected]

Cubs Assistant Ryan Kenny, [email protected]

Cubs Assistant Alex Munoz, [email protected]

Tigers Head Coach Luigi Natale, [email protected]

Tigers Assistant Chris Wells, [email protected]

Tigers Assistant Matt Garvey, [email protected]

There are still some openings to coach at the minor level ages 6 & 7 and the junior level ages 8 & 9. Please contact commissioner Ralph Martignetti @[email protected] if you are interested. Thanks

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