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The streets will be alive with the smell of pot smoke

Marijuana is now recognized as a legal substance for adults 21 years of age and over, rules and standards have been enacted within the new law that will be enforced.

However, the law prescribes penalties but doesn’t explain how the law will be enforced or what agencies will handle the enforcement.

For instance, how will enforcers know if adults are only carrying up to one ounce of marijuana in public or if a person has more than ten ounces of the substance in their residence?

How will enforcers know if each resident is growing up to six plants or no more than twelve plants in a household?

And the list goes on and on including users cannot smoke in public parks, even for medicinal reasons.

While there are fines that could be levied for infraction, enforcement has not really been worked out.

Calling 911 will not make a significant difference, since the police clearly support the law noting it will free-up staff to respond to more important calls. If police are not the first line of the enforcement, then who is?

Pot will be used at every public major event and that’s going to be extremely difficult to prevent or enforce. Marijuana will be smoked in moving vehicles, parks, playgrounds and other public places no matter what the law is because the chances of getting caught are minimal.

While the public has spoken, it doesn’t mean the situation is controllable.

Neighborhood streets will be alive with the smell of pot, not music.

Police acted quickly apprehending stabbing suspect

Major crimes do not occur on a regular basis in the North End/Waterfront neighborhood. As a matter of fact, the community has one of the lowest levels of crime rate than any other neighborhood in the City of Boston.

While the victim survived the potential deadly attack, police acted quickly and arrested the culprit, taking a dangerous person off the streets and making residents more comfortable knowing that he is not a threat any more.

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