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Non building security has near fatal consequences

Dear Editor,

The appalling lack of security measures coupled with an almost toxic apathy on the part of the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) and the Manager at the Ausonia Apartments on Fulton Street in Boston’s North End have finally resulted in  a resident of said building coming perilously close to losing his life.

The terrifying attack on this resident has long been predicted by many of the senior residents of “The Ausonia”, this writer among them. Numerous pleas have been made during a period of many months for management to pay attention to the potential for an horrific incident such as the one that occurred at Ausonia, last Tuesday, December 13 at pretty much the middle of the day.

Complaints have been made, in some instances repeatedly, with no action what so ever being taken.The courtyard gates are left open at night. The outside door on Commercial Street that was to be locked 24/7 and has been “broken” countless times.

The residents holding signed leases agreeing to live by these leases are violating them by allowing friends to live in their units, without paying rent,with them. Leaving the outside doors propped open with no regard for the personal safety of even their own relatives lives. Non residents discovered in various parts of the building highly intoxicated with no idea of where they were or who had granted them entrance to the building and the list goes on and on, though I believe my point has been clearly made.

I have heard though been unable to confirm that the police had come to visit the residents to give them information and to alleviate their fears.Supposedly the plan was “after the holidays, to talk about increasing security, install cameras and implement various others measures that will hopefully assuage some of the fears of the residents as well as the victim who is much loved by the entire population of The Ausonia, as well as many others in the neighborhood, including myself.

My one question is and why is it that the seniors of the Ausonia can’t have their meeting and their security measures now? Why wait for another victim to be hurt, this time possibly with no chance for survival!

Thank you

Emmy Mahfood


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