By Phil Orlandella

Make plans for snow removal

It’s only a matter of time until Old Man Winter decides to once again dump large amounts of snow on the streets and sidewalks of the community.

Residents need to be prepared to move their vehicles for the city to provide adequate snow removal. Make plans now to be prepared.

Landlords, according to a City of Boston ordinance, must clear a path on the sidewalk in front of their property for safe passage for pedestrians.

These are public safety issues that will allow for emergency vehicle access.

Youth basketball clinic a buzzer beater

Last month, North End Against Drugs (NEAD), the Nazzaro Community Center and State Representative Aaron Michlewitz organized what is being called one of, if not the best youth basketball clinics ever held in the North End.

About 70 local youth between the ages of 7-10 participated in the neighborhood program held in the Nazzaro Community Center.

It was a great learning experience and the word on the street is there will be other clinics held.

New Year volunteer resolutions are meaningful

Thousands and thousands of New Year resolutions are made each and every year and 2017 will be no exception.

Stop smoking, lose weight, etc. you get the picture. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions are not kept so why not select one that is much easier, like volunteering at one of the neighborhood organizations.

The agencies would love to have the help and you can do something to help the neighborhood.

Councilor Essaibi George a North End asset

Large Boston City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George or her representative can always be seen at NEWRA and NEWNC public meetings providing residents information or offering her services relating to issues of concern.

She was on board when residents scrabbled to stop the North End Nursing Home from closure and stepped up to the plate on other neighborhood issues of concern.

Councilor George has repeatedly stood tall when it comes to North End endeavors.

North End Parade a big hit

What else can you say regarding the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) annual North End Christmas Parade, but terrific.

Participants were able to meet Santa Claus who arrived by helicopter, stopped to take photos, greeted as many people as possible gathered in Puopolo Park on Commercial Street, and paraded through the streets of the community with Santa, marching bands and other parade organizations and cartoon characters.

            It was a memorable and fun community event.

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