By Phil Orlandella

Some agencies looking to purchase nursing home

There appears to be some positive things going on with the status of the North End Nursing Home on Fulton Street since the community and local elected officials expressed their anger when the operator Partners revealed their intention to sell the building and move the current residents to other nursing homes.

A ruling by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) that the building has to be used as a nursing home put an end to Partners plans.

Now, Partners is attempting to sell the building to other sources with the stipulation of nursing home usage. Reportedly up to four companies have expressed an interest but nothing has been confirmed.

The neighborhood elected officials, Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Senator Joe Boncore and Councilor Sal LaMattina who fought the battle with the community are keeping a watchful eye on any development pertaining to the community issue.

Senator host Thanksgiving Luncheon

North End seniors were treated to a nice Thanksgiving Luncheon hosted by State Senator Joe Boncore in the Nazzaro community Center. Over 100 seniors attended the seasonal event.

Sponsoring seniors and other activities in the community is a nice gesture and is welcomed by residents.

Thank you, Senator.

NEMPAC is a huge part of the community

There are many non-profit and private organizations that have serviced the North End throughout the years with positive civic, arts, athletics, quality and educational programs accessible to all residents.

These neighborhood groups foster creativity and elevate social culture in many ways.

One of these organization is the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) which is governed by a volunteer community Board of Directors.

NEMPAC, through the inspirational power of the arts enriches the North End/Waterfront through a wide-range of arts programming, including private music instruction, group classes, early child music, adult workshops, special performance events, opera projects and much more.

NEMPAC is also fully involved with other organization activities and events appearing at most of, if not all of, the neighborhood venues.

NEMPAC also partners with the Eliot K-8 Innovation and St. John Schools offering in-school and after-school music program on-site, giving every child in equal opportunity to experiment, create, and potentially influence the future with an inspiring musical experience.

There are many contracted teaching artists and instructors at NEMPAC, offering a wide array of programs to the neighborhood. All professionals.

NEMPAC is a valuable organization that services the community in many viable ways that are truly appreciated by the neighborhood.

Residents should think about volunteering to assist NEMPAC or enroll themselves and/or their children in the organization’s many programs.

Violent protest is not the answer to anything

Hate or violence protests, for whatever reason, has become more than isolated incidents and needs to be cut off at the bud.

Trashing vehicles, burning flags, unruly protests, beating up people or destroying property has become the norm when people decide to hit the streets.

The same message from angry people can be handled with peaceful demonstrations, letters, emails and at the polls. Violence is not the answer by no means.

Demonstrations attract people who don’t care about the cause, or they want to do is trash things, loot, create unneeded problems, it’s their way of having a good time.

Organizes of demonstrations need to consider the possibility of nasty people taking full advantage of the situation before they plan a protest.

The right to hold a protest is freedom of speech and are mostly successful ways to get a clear message to the public, however, violent behavior doesn’t fall into this category.

            Violence is not the answer to anything and will never be.

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