Raising Parking Fines During Garden Events Will Open Up Residential Spaces

Raising parking fines in the North End during TD Garden events will deter event goers from taking up valuable residential spots in the North End.

Receiving a $40 ticket for taking up a residential space is probably less money than utilizing a paid-parking lot and it is convenient as well.

Making sure these spaces are available for residential sticker parking is important and raising fines for illegal parking in these spaces will help provide more spaces for residents during these events.

Traffic and Parking Department is tagging during Garden events and activities, that’s not the problem. Having the spaces available for residents is the problem.

The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council’s Traffic and Parking Committee has contacted the City several times on the issue but at this time there has been no substantial response. The community is in limbo regarding any possibility of raising the fine.

            The streets of the North End are paved with gold, called parking spaces.

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