Nazzaro Center,PAAE Hold 10th Annual Arts Contest

The Nazzaro Center and Public Action for Arts & Education recently completed its 10th Annual Arts Contest.  The program involved more than 40 boys and girls ages 6-14. The Arts Projects over the course of six months, culminated with an awards ceremony at the Center.  Prizes were given for age group categories as well as honorable mention in each division.

The judges for the contest were members of PAAE, which included Joseph Hill, President of PAAE, Alan Rouleau, Board Member, and Richard D’Amore of Northbridge Capital.

Josephine Lepore, Art Director for the Nazzaro Center, for the past 15 years, presided over the awards ceremony.

“We are so proud to be benefactors of PAAE and their commitment to helping children,” Lepore said. “Without their continued support and involvement we would not be able to bring the Arts to as many children as we do.”

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