Legalization of Marijuana Tips the Scale

By Phil Orlandella

Massachusetts voters have sent a clear message to Beacon Hill regarding the four questions on the 2016 election ballot.

The simple yes or no response to the questions drew a lot of attention, generated plenty of advertisements and debates.

Question One that would have expanded slot machine gambling with no table games and no more than 1,250 slot machines was denied by the public overwhelmingly.

Voters by a wide margin, said no on Question Two that would have given approval for the State to create up to 12 new Charter Schools or extend the capacity of current schools.

By a wide margin, voters said yes to Question Three changing inhuman conditions for farm animals, calf raised for veal, egg laying hens and pigs.

Graphing advertisement contributed to the yes vote.

            Question Four to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana received public support. The measure will provide the possession, use, distribution and cultivation of pot in limited amounts by persons aged 21 or older.

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