Granting Parking Policy Requests Add to North End Problems

One of the longest impossibly unresolvable issues in the City of Boston is on-street parking.

Neighborhoods, especially the North End, are experiencing the brunt of the problem more and more each day.

Currently, the City is allowing residents to park in a public-school yard and a public playground to help alleviate some of the problem. A temporary solution and a possible violation of fire laws.

The Boston City Council has attempted to deal with the problem, to no avail. The city hasn’t done any better.

In fairness, maybe there is no resolve or solution to the parking problem, just more meaningless talk.

A major issue that adds to the North End problem is property owners expanding the space in buildings into larger apartments or condominiums, to receive relief from city policies calling for so many parking spaces per units built.

This only adds to the problem with more vehicles that have to park where there are extremely limited places available.

Landlords, their lawyers and contractors, in order to get parking relief, convinced local community groups and abutters that more people are walking, hiking or taking public transportation to and from work but they present no facts and figures to that effect.

While there are other contributing factors that create this situation, taking them on one at this time maybe the avenue to start making a difference.

Granting parking policy relief maybe the place to start.

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