By Phil Orlandella


Conti receives well deserved community service award

A community service award was recently presented to North End resident Matt Conti, founder of North End/Waterfront.com, a valuable media outlet that has become an instrumental tool for providing all kinds of information to residents.

Matt is involved with many community activities, events, promotions and endeavors. He also financially supports many of the above-mentioned.

He is a die-hard community resident who is always available to help out in any way shape or form for a better and safer neighborhood.

If it’s not published in his.com, it didn’t happen.

Senator Boncore/Representative Michlewitz both unopposed

Both Senator Joseph Boncore and Representative Aaron Michlewitz will run unopposed in 2016.

That’s good news for the North End/Waterfront community that falls in their district.

Representative Michlewitz has done a respectable job during his terms in office and has supported his districts in many endeavors and in an extremely positive manner.

Senator Joseph Boncore during his short time in office has clearly shown his willingness to help make the community a viable and safe neighborhood.

Together, the North End has a great one-to punch.

Sergeant Chin moves on-will be missed

Sergeant James Chin has moved on and has been promoted to detective in the District A-1 Boston Police Department.

As a Community Service Officer he has been a valuable part of the North End/Waterfront Public Safety meetings held on a monthly basis.

Detective Chan has helped make a difference in the low crime rate in the community and will be missed.


BWSC Phase II construction underway

The second of three planned projects intended to improve the water distribution system and to upgrade the aging drainage system in the North End is underway.

A dozen of local streets fall under Boston Water and Sewer’s Phase II, which is expected to run through 2018.

Residents should be prepared to move their vehicles in the construction area for work starting about 8 am.

This is a must do project, so look for signs that will clearly advise of the dates of construction that could possibly take place on your street.

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