R.U.F.F. News and Notes

Kids are back at school, neighbors are back from vacation, and it is time to reconnect with RUFF and North End friends. There is a lot of exciting news and fun events coming this fall! Lots of new dogs move into the neighborhood in September so please share our email [email protected] and spread the word about the new dog park to people you meet.

RUFF Announcements:

RUFF Award: RUFF is very excited to announce that they have been chosen as the Northeast award recipient for the PetSafe “Bark for your Park” grant. This award is bringing in $25,000 towards our new park in Spring 2017. PetSafe will be coming to the North End to present and celebrate this award with us on September 20th! We hope all our members and friends will join us. Check out the press release attached. http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/

Dog Park is open on weekends!: Thank you ALL for being so patient during the feast season. We love the feasts and all the tradition but keeping the park safe and clean for the pups was top priority. The park will be open 7 days a week, from 6:30 am-9 pm.

North End Dog Park Updates:

Next Park Phase: The architectural team continues to work behind-the-scenes getting permits and making arrangements for Spring. Stay tuned for any new updates.

Auto Locks – WORKING!!!! Big news for September is that the auto-locks are installed and have been working. If you encounter any issues with the gates please reach out to RUFF at: [email protected] – Please note that the park hours are 6:30 am-9 pm. Before or after those hours the gates will be locked.

Water: Please continue to bring water to the park for the pups. The weather typically stays warm through the early fall months.

Power washing – We are back on schedule for monthly power washes! See dates below.

September Dates:

September 13th – 7pm – RUFF Meeting, Nazzaro Center – Fall event planning! If you are creative and/or want to become more involved please join us.

September 15/16  – Morning Power wash – On the power wash morning, please respect the cleaning crew in the park by not using the park while they are cleaning. ** We want all RUFF members to be better members of the dog community. Please clean up and hold others responsible.

September 17th – North End Pride Day – Get involved in the community and check out Pride Day.

September 20th – Doggie Soiree, PetSafe celebration – 5pm-7pm, DeFillipo dog park – RUFF is hosting a fun soiree in the dog park to celebrate our PetSafe award. PetSafe will be joining us in this fun! Dress your pet in dapper attire, enjoy some human and doggie desserts, have some fun in the RUFF photo booth and learn about the amazing dog park coming Spring 2017! Be on the look out for an evite from RUFF! Hope you can join us.

Save the dates: 

October 2nd – Blessing of the animals!

October 8th – RUFF 2nd annual Dog show

Support RUFF in our fundraising efforts by using Amazon Smile – RUFF – when you order! https://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-1523572

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